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Labor History of Pakistan

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  History of Pakistan in general
Child labour, in human bondage
In Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign Bulletin, 17 November, 1995. The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign was initiated by the Punjab Labour Federation after the murder of its president, Arif Shah, on 19th January 1995. This is a sample article from the first issue of its bulletin. Includes information on the PTUDC.
Pakistan to crack down on child labour
By Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad. 18 July, 1996. Re carpet industry and enforcement efforts.
Education Foundation, Pakistan
From Farooq Tariq, Secretary. 1 June, 1997. A trade union-based people's education project.
Pakistani Carpet Workers on strike
Appeal from Committee for a Workers' International. 11 June, 1997.
Bank workers resent layoffs, curbs on union activity
By Nafisa Hoodbhoy, 7 August 1997.
The Pakistan government has "suspended" trade unions responsible for water and power distribution
By Farooq Tariq, Green Left Weekly, 27 January 1999.
The Plight of Labor in Pakistan
By Karamat Ali, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education, 29 June 1999.

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