The history of feudal Iberia

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Following the guiding light of Ibn Arabi
By Christian Jambet, Le Monde diplomatique, 22 May 1992. This meditation of Michel Chodkiewicz on the works of the great theosophe is also a thesis on the destiny of the Muslim Community.
Historic Al-Shatibi, with immortal educational views
Arabic, 4 December 1997. Abu Ishak Bin Musa Al-Shatibi lived in the city of Granada, Andalusia in the fourteenth century A.D. He received his education at the hands of a number of Andalusian philosophers and intellectuals and wrote several books of great importance in theology, linguistics, language and literature.
Spain's alien nation
By Rodrigo De Zayas, Le Monde diplomatique, October 2004. Detailed study of a collection of documents reveals the terms of a debate within the highest circles of the Spanish state about a significant Hispano-Muslim minority that been forcibly converted to Catholicism.