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 History of Southeast Asia in general

General and political history

New Light on Gulf of Tonkin
By Captain Ronnie E. Ford. With fresh evidence now available, claims that the Tonkin Gulf incident of 1964 was deliberately provoked gain new plausibility.
Colby's Vietnam: History misrepresented
Washington Post Op Ed excerpts. May 1, 1981
Do Muoi Addresses Hanoi Party Committee
By Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi, original in Vietnamese. 2300 gmt 27 December 1994.
50 years of Vietnam independence celebrated
By Jim Genova, in People's Weekly World, 9 September, 1995. Hanoi celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on 2 December, 1945.
Teaching on the Vietnam War
Dialog on H-World list. November, 1995. A few citations useful for war and revolution in Southeast Asia/Vietnam War course.

Economy and environment

Unable to make the big leap, cooperataives face extinction
From Vietnam Investment Review (Hanoi), 1 January, 1995. An economy based on cooperatives is yielding to a market economy and private ownership by the few.
Vietnam Development; Construction; Trade
By Laura Summers, 21 January, 1995. Citations of sources for Vietnam's economic development.
Settling the scandals at the AUSTINH Ha Tinh joint venture once and for all
By Thuy Ha, in Nhan Dan, 30 October, 1995. The AUSTINH joint venture with an Australian mining company violated Vietnamese law regarding trade, currency import/export, and protection of the environment.
Vietnam's New Premier Urges Reform
Associated Press. 26 September, 1997. Prime Minister Phan Van Khai represents the "reform" faction of the party (favors some privatization) vs. the "conservative" faction (favors ownership of productive resources by the people).


Vietnam-Nike Fact Sheet
From Thuyen, Nike in Vietnam Action Group. 13 November, 1996. Condition of labor in Nike's Vietnam shoe factories.
Hong Kong toy factory commits serious health and safety violations and unfair labour practices in Vietnam
From AMRC. 4 March, 1997. Re the Keyhinge factory that produces McDonald's give-away toys.
Brutality in Vietnam
By Bob Herbert, in New York Times, 28 March, 1997. The Times on Thuyen Nguyen's report on working conditions in Vietnam's Nike factories.
Disney & McDonald's Linked to $0.06/Hour Sweatshop in Vietnam
From Campaign for Labor Rights, 2 May, 1997. McDonald's gives away toys based on Disney characters. The toys are made by MB, which subcontracts work to the Keyhinge factory in Vietnam. This is part of a campaign to correct bad working conditions and low wages at the Keyhinge factory.
South Korean supervisor found guilty by court
From ICFTU OnLine, 27 May, 1997. Concern that South Korean supervisors over workers in South Korean plants located in Vietnam abuse the workers.
More Workers Hospitalised at Keyhinge Toys/McDonalds in Vietnam
From Asia Monitor Resource Center, 25 June, 1997. McDonald's visted their factory to resolve the health, saftely and low wage problems, but they persist.


The Abortion Dilemma: What's behind one of the world's highest rates
By Sangwon Suh and Ken Stier, in Asia Week, 23 May, 1997.

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